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Seasonal Selections: Iridescent Snowflakes Embellishments

Product is in stock and available to ship.
Packaging: Zip-Top Bag

Price:  $ 3.99 
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Packaging: Medium Storage Box

Price:  $ 4.99 
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This item is awaiting restock which should arrive by 11/16. If the zip-top option is added to your order, your shipment will possibly be delayed until the embellishments arrive (We do have a few storage boxes left currently). To have this item ship separately from the rest of your order, please email info@trinitystamps.com and let us know to ship what is currently in stock now, and your backorder item(s) separately. We are happy to split the order for you if needed. Because of shipping costs, we are unable to split international orders.
Large soft flexible cloth-like snowflakes are lightweight and easy to glue on to any project. They have an opalescent shimmer and are so much fun. Snowflakes are approx. 3/4 of an inch. 1 teaspoon (roughly 60-70 snowflakes)  packaged in a zip-top storage bag or a medium Tiny Container storage box (so the snowflakes don't get smooshed!). These containers are the ones used in the Elizabeth Ward storage tray system that many crafters use for storage (but can be used without the tray as well).